Energy Efficient Lighting

My double domes are wired a bit weird. One dome is all running off of 120VAC as produced by the inverter, and the other dome has all 24VDC lights. 24VDC is the best power for running the low-power, compact fluorescent. 12VDC just doesn't quite seem to power the ballast as well, and you can get flicker. I buy all my lights from Jade Mountain, as they not only have the best prices, they're also only 40 minutes drive away. Best prices or not, these energy efficient light bulbs are expensive, up front.

120V AC

  • Panisonic Light Capsule
  • Philips Earth Light
  • Techna Bright Spring Lamp

    24 Volt DC

    For 24VDC lighting, you usually buy a ballast, that either gets wired into the socket, or a screw in adapter. The replaceable bulbs won't work without a ballast. The bulbs come in various styles, but I've standardized on the 4 pin ones, cause they seem to work much better than the 2 pin ones. You have to be real careful that you get a bulb that works with your ballast, even if they both use the same number of pins.

  • Techna Bright Spring Lamp
  • Triple Tube, 4-pin
  • 13watts, 24V, screw-in adapter