My Double Dome

I recently purchased a "fixer upper" double geodesic dome, that is off the grid. Here's some pictures of it, to give you a feel for things. To see the details of the alternate energy system, go up to the Infrastructure page.

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This view is from the east end of the small meadow by the domes. The small (30 foot in diameter) dome is facing us, with the big dome in the back. You can see the solar panels inbetween.

This picture is the view, as seen from the driveway. In the left side is the corner of the garage, with the small (30 foot) dome on the left, and the larger dome (40 foot in diameter) on the right.

This is a closer view of the deck between the two domes. We're looking at the side of the small dome.

This shows the 460 watt solar panel array, and the big dome. Sticking up out of the chimney is the new 8inch stainless steel liner I put in the chimney, with it's rotating spark cap.

This is the wood sauna, built out of an old Shepherd's wagon. One of these days I want to put a solar powered hot tub right next to it.

This is the typical 3 car box garage. It's huge though, so I'm renovating it to be a combined shop and office with it's own power system.

This view is from standing in front of the fireplace looking toward the kitchen. The stone work on the chimney was never completed, but I plan to finish it this summer.

This view is from the other side of the chimney, looking towards the kitchen and the large window in the "wall". This window looks out across the back of the property.

This view is from the same spot, but looking across the to the other side of the dome. You can see the loft, and the back entrance.

This view is in the small dome, looking out across the "greenhouse" floor. The deck partially covers the ceiling.

Here we're looking across the bottom of the steps into the changing room. This room is off to the side of the shower and bathroom, and has easy access to the sauna.

This is a view of the bathroom, with the teak tub on the left, and the composting toilet on the right.

This is another view of the bathroom, as seen from the loft. You can now fully see the tub, and the edge of the wall around the composting toilet.

This is a view down my road, once you first get off the Peak to Peak (or the Freak To Freak, as the locals call it :-) highway. This is the Colorado Rocky Mountains, looking towards Pawnee Pass.

Another view from the same spot aiming a little more south. This is the continental Divide.

This is a screen shot of the early CAD drawings I'm working on now. The actual CAD file is here.